Oyamazaki Villa is located on the south side of Mt. Tennozan, overlooking the rivers Kizugawa, Ujigawa, and Katsuragawa. Enjoy a magnificent view of the rich nature of the garden from the second-floor terrace.

Along with inside seating, the café also provides seating outside, offering customers a beautiful view from the terrace. Visitors are greeted by a magnificent panorama of the three rivers in the area, Mt. Otokoyama on the opposite bank, and mountains stretching from the south of Kyoto to Nara. Three rivers—Kizugawa, Ujigawa, and Katsuragawa—run through this narrow flatland, sandwiched between the historic mountains Tennozan and Otokoyama, eventually merging together to become the Yodogawa river and streaming into Osaka. The garden transforms with the seasons, from the cherry blossom and new green leaves in spring, to the red leaves in the autumn. We hope you enjoy visiting the Museum and its grounds.

  • *The café serves drinks and cakes.
  • *The café does not offer meals, including light meals.
  • *Please pay the Museum admission fee to use the café.
  • *The café’s opening hours and closure days are the same as the Museum.