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Garden Seasons

Visitors can enjoy numerous plants placed around the 4,050-acre (16,529m²) garden, delighting the eye in different ways from season to season, including the cherry blossom in spring and the red leaves in autumn. Spend a rich time in the garden with its changing seasonal faces.

When visiting the museum, we highly recommend that visitors take a walk around the garden. The garden delights you with its changing seasonal features, from the cherry blossom touched by gentle sunlight in spring to the water lilies in early summer, red leaves in autumn, and tranquilly blossoming camellia in winter.

The Garden in Spring

The arrival of spring is announced by the falling petals from the white-blossomed magnolia and Japanese plum flowers, followed by the blossoms of a host of other cherry blossoms, including the weeping cherry, yoshino cherry, yellow cherry, and double cherry blossom.

The Garden in Summer

In early summer, the water lilies blossom tranquilly. From June to August, the water lily flowers in the garden pond compete with the Museum's Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" to delight visitors.

The Garden in Autumn

Numerous maple trees are planted around the garden. In late autumn, a harmony of vibrant red maple and yellow ginko leaves fills the grounds.

The Garden in Winter

Winter peacefully envelopes the garden. While snow is rare, the plants quietly charge their energy in readiness for the coming spring. Japanese camellia, camellia sasanqua, and red and green nandina add color to the garden.