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  2. CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE CRAFTS Reinterpretation,Exquisite Craftsmanship,and Aesthetic Exploration

CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE CRAFTS Reinterpretation,Exquisite Craftsmanship,and Aesthetic Exploration

Sep 18,2021 – Dec 5,2021

This exhibition features 12 craft artists who were born in the 1970s or later, the generation that now attracts the most attention of art audiences. These artists create craftworks based on the Japanese sense of beauty. The current age of globalization has triggered both the homogenization of various objects around us and our reaction to it, providing increased momentum for the revaluation of craftwork traditions preserved around Japan as a resource for artists who aim to create unique artistic expressions.

The artists featured in this exhibition are not bound by the conventional framework of craft. Their pursuit of the beauty of craft through the best use of materials and their own skills is not only an endeavor to reconsider relationships between humans and objects but also a sign of new possibilities for craftsmanship. The subtitle of the exhibition represents three trends observed in contemporary Japanese crafts: the “reinterpretation” of the Japanese sense of beauty and traditional Japanese culture, “exquisite craftsmanship,” and “aesthetic exploration” of materials. We hope that the exhibition, which heralds a new age of Japanese crafts, will provide you with an opportunity to consider emerging possibilities for long-preserved Japanese craftsmanship.


Sep 18,2021 – Dec 5,2021
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
*last admission: 4:30 p.m.


Mondays(except Sep 20,Nov 22, Nov 29), Sep 21


Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art,The Asahi Shimbun


We are not accepting large-group visitors (groups with 20 or more members) for the time being.

900 yen(800 yen)
University or high school student
500 yen(400 yen)
Admission is free for junior high school students and younger children.
Admission is 300 yen upon presentation of a Disabled Person's Booklet (Shogaisha Techo).
*Prices in parenthes is apply to groups of 20 or more.
*All prices are tax included.
Supporting Groups

Kyoto Prefecture,
Oyamazaki Town Board of Education,
The Kyoto Shimbun Co.,Ltd.,

With The Sponsorship of

Takenaka Corporation

Main Exhibits

Tatehana Noritaka 《Heel-less Shoes》
2014 Private collection
Photo by Kenji Takahashi
Kuwata Takuro 《Tea bowl》
2015 Private collection
Photo by Kenji Takahashi
©2021 Takuro Kuwata
Fukahori Riusuke 《Kingyo-sake name:Carin》
2016 Private collection
Ikeda Terumasa《Ornamental box with Cyber-deco》
2019 Private collection
Mitsuke Masayasu《Untitled》
2019 Ota Fine Arts
©Masayasu Mitsuke;Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts
Yamamoto Akane《Kinkane Glass Incense container"Selflessness"》
2016 Private collection
Takahashi Kengo《flower funeral -goat-》
2019 Private collection
Photo by Kenichi Hashimoto
Niisato Akio《luminescent vessel》
2019 Yutaka Kikutake Gallery
Sakai Naoki《Iron kettle,form-inspiring of steaming》
2019 Collection of the artist
Adachi Daigo《connect,pause,repeat》
2020 Collection of the artist
Hashimoto Chitaka《Circular box with a Butterfly on Floral design》
2018 Private collection
Sago Michiko《Tokoshie》
2019 Collection of the artist 
Photograph courtesy of Hiraku Ikeda

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Matcha et Yuzu  ― Universally beloved Japanese ingredients ―

In commemoration of this Exhibit, we designed a special dessert that combines Japanese ingredients that are attracting worldwide attention. Matcha and honey sponge cakes are alternately layered and scented with yuzu jam and matcha syrup. Please enjoy the luscious harmony.

Gâteau de Marron  —Giverny, the home of Monet: a peaceful autumn scene—

A reinvention of the chestnut cake recipe left behind by Claude Monet, who was also known as a food connoisseur. The abundant use of French chestnut paste gives this dessert a wonderfully moist texture. Treat yourself to this creamy and fragrant chestnut delicacy.

Dates available Sep 18,2021-Dec 5,2021
Cooperation RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto
Price Cake ¥570 each (include tax)
Cake with tea/coffee ¥970 each (include tax)
*Need museum admission