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Goro Aota

Pongee Cushions





While Aota was a teacher at Doshisha Junior High School, he was highly impressed by the work of Kanjiro Kawai. He started to make regular visits to Kawai's house, where he met Soetsu Yanagi. Influenced by Yanagi's theories for the Mingei Movement, he later participated in the founding of the Kamigamo Mingei Kyodan (Kamigamo Folk Craft Cooperative). This work is part of the furniture and tools created by young members of the guild for the Mingei-kan, a special venue at the Exhibition for the Promotion of Domestic Products in Commemoration of the Enthronement of the Emperor, held in Ueno Park in 1928. It was created to accompany a set of table and chairs made by Tatsuaki Kuroda. It has been so well preserved that the original cotton wadding still remains.